Rising Sunset – Decretum (2016)

2016 was quite a bitch in terms of casualties in the music industry, ranging from Tom Searle to George Michael. On a positive note however, it was once again another great year in terms of releases, not just from the mainstream giants that we all enjoy to listen, but also from local acts, either expanding their fanbase or set to make their mark.

Here’s my coverage of Rising Sun’s record, entitled ”Decretum”

Not so familiar with this band, other than watching them perform in the annual XMA and Shellshock festivals, though I did spent a minute or two checking their material through social media, and was more than convinced that this band means business in terms of songwriting and solidity. All this made me to take this record more seriously and animated.

Exploring subjects related to Roman mythology, Rising Sunset is a sextet pasturing both a mature and younger generation. Strong influences include (my subjective thinking of course) Septic Flesh, Insomnium, Epica and other related symphonic acts concocted with that ”melodic” and ”deadly” touch.

Rather than focusing on complex songwriting, the band is more elaborate in creating a rather haunting andritualistic approach to their work, with tracks such as ”At The Gates Of Tiberias” and the more than convicing opener ”Tower Of Babel”

The track ”Nephilim” mirrors the band’s musical image. What if an angel and a demon had an offspring? That’s what Rising Sunset is, having dual vocals covered by the dynamic married couple , the album journeys from the fiendish growls performed by the husband complemented with the ethereal cleans by the wife. Everpresent!.

Dark, mystical and desirable, a strong release with conceivable upsides. One major affirmative are the eerie keyboards transiting throughout the record, setting up an odyssey of fallen creatures and empires for the listener.

Very hard to find a downside in this record. Tracks are neither too short nor too dragging. ”Desert Fathers” perhaps the heaviest track among the 8 in terms of guitar work. Personal favorite of the entire record is ”Rameses II”, nice and easy whilst taking up a notch halfway through the track.

A record which keeps you fulfilled and hooked from beginning till the end, never gets boring but rather compelling to say the least. Should Dante Alighieri ever explore the 9 circles of Hell again, this would make a fitting soundtrack whilst encountering the damned and ultimately his beloved. Will definitely keep me on good company whilst studying.

Marvelous work by yet again another dignified local act.  Opera mirabilia.



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