MadMetal #2 – Sleepytime Gorilla Museum

Let’s set something straight – and this is The Good Word right here: Sleepytime Gorilla Museum (SGM) pulls no punches. Any note, structure, vocal, melody, rhythm, not to mention photograph, art-work etc… is just presented with sheer intense maddening honesty – except when defending itself from raging Donkey hoofs (we’ll get to that later). This is music which blows minds in different directions simultaneously. Thread carefully. Thankfully, I’m here to show you the first steps, you rascals.

First and foremost, it’s essential to point out main guy Nils Frykdahl. His vocals are: Nuanced, subtle, theatrical, invoking and evoking feelings of utter disgust mixed with elation. Never splendid though, there is no room for splendor at SGM.

Nils Frykdahl


Moreover, the Tibetan Monk Ninja Samurai trained and tuned ear can decipher sounds which can’t be heard anywhere else. Dan Rathbun (Bass) creates custom made instruments which are graced with the finest of names such as: “Vatican”, “SledgeHammer Dulcimer” and “Pancreas”. So, if you want to play a Pancreas, you can just call this guy!

Dan Rathbun


Let’s check ’em out. Grab onto your spleens and let your ideas die, dears.

“Donkey Headed Adversary Of Humanity Opens The Discussion” – Of Natural History (2004). AKA the best titled song of all time.

“Sleep Is Wrong” – Grand Opening And Closing (2001). A perfect song for adults in this anxiety infested reality.

“Cockroach” – Of Natural History (2004). A love song for the most beloved of insects. Just listen, trust me.

“1997 (Tonight We’re Gonna Party Like It’s…)” – Grand Opening And Closing (2001). Very much rock n’ roll but not very much quite.

“Helpless Corpses Enactment” – In Glorious Times (2007). I mean, just, come on…


Sadly, SGM are currently not releasing any music – however, in 2016 they released their material on vinyl via Blood Music.

Kids, now that you’ve made it this far you will be rewarded with Frykdahl’s new project. The not so aptly named “Free Salamander Exhibit”. One thing is for sure, this guy never sleeps – since it’s wrong, as we all know by now.

“Undestroyed” – by Free Salamander Exhibit (2016).

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