MadMetal #1 – Ram Zet

MadMetal will focus on those obscure metal bands that deserve to be played on your family hour, ideally after Dora the Explorer hangs on a precipice with the words marking a chilling: “TO BE CONCLUDED” message.

I’m going to at least try and invite you to hit that play button as, sadly so, these blogs will focus more on the music than on my ravings.

First off, is a long time favorite: Ram Zet

The Norwegians have been around for quite a while. Their basis is progressive metal – however, add in a good dynamic interplay between the female vocals and Mr. Zet (aka Henning Ramseth)’s staple vocal timber. Mix in those synapse shocking violins and guitars and we’re good to go. This is the kind of music which feels like it’s being performed from a perfectly functioning and sanitized asylum. For christ’s sakes, let them have their recreation Nurse Ratched!

They’re currently active, unlike Randie at the end of Cuckoo’s nest (oops, spoilers!) – So, let’s hope for another sweet ass-kicking album, shall we? Oui.

“Queen” – Escape (2002). Memorable riff to Bootttt!!

“222” –¬†Neutralized (2009). – Attitude plus moar attitude!

“Land of Fury” – Freaks In Wonderland (2012) – Can’t get enough of the opening part, nor the middle… and so on …

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Wants to be edgy but is actually quite wholesome, indeed. Currently, he's also bassin' with two local bands.