Khaospath – …For The Devil Speaks The Truth (2016)

Hailing from Malta but now residing in Skelleftea, this is the story of Hellcommander Vargblod, where thanks to his musical prowess in the local scene, earned the respect and moniker of being one of the best musicians that ever came out from the Maltese metal community. Black metal connoisseur, this album is an epitome of the passion that the man has for this genre.

Developing into a full time band, here comes Khaospath’s follow up to a beast of an album that was Synagoga Obscura.

…For The Devil’s Speaks The Truth is pure and simple, black metal like it’s meant to be. Showcasing once again Vargblod’s technicality in his guitar work, he once again delivered big time in his album (To mention tracks like A Blade At The Edge Of Sanity, Into the Devil’s Claws and Oraculum Strigoi as an example).

Unlike his other J.R.R Tolkien and Viking mythological based project (Draugûl), Vargblod shifts into more morbid themes that are more akin to the genre. Expect a massive bowl of ritualistic and obsidian hatred.

Complemented with a cynical mixture of raw and clean vocals ( The bombastic final track of the album, The Raven’s Downfall being one of my personal highlights). Whilst nothing outside the norm, this album however is truly worth every cent and second spend.  50+ minutes of blackness!

Kudos Hellcommander!  It’s always a pleasure to see fellow Maltese taking risks and simply go for it. Here’s a black cup of coffee for even blacker pastures.

Music enthusiast & coffee addict. Although never involved in bands or local promotions, Alan always wanted to contribute and further expanding the genre he adores most. Listening to countless albums and engaging in conversations with local musicians, what better way to express feelings and insights than the art of writing?