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We don’t need no hub.

First of all I would like to apologise in advance to all of you reading this for its unfortunate political topic given the fact that your social media news feeds are littered with an ‘us versus them’ attitude from both […]

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MadMetal #2 – Sleepytime Gorilla Museum

Let’s set something straight – and this is The Good Word right here: Sleepytime Gorilla Museum (SGM) pulls no punches. Any note, structure, vocal, melody, rhythm, not to mention photograph, art-work etc… is just presented with sheer intense maddening honesty […]

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Learn to walk before you can run.

I remember when I started listening to heavier and heavier music, one thing that always attracted me to it was the live performances. The energy that was emitted by the musicians dominating the stage. They would throw themselves around, head […]

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MadMetal #1 – Ram Zet

MadMetal will focus on those obscure metal bands that deserve to be played on your family hour, ideally after Dora the Explorer hangs on a precipice with the words marking a chilling: “TO BE CONCLUDED” message. I’m going to at […]

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Why is elitism in music dangerous?

A recent interview with guitarist/singer Brent Hinds (Mastodon/Giraffe Tongue Orchestra) emerged where he stated the following:  ”I don’t really like metal. [I grew up listening to Judas Priest, but] Judas Priest is not metal, people, it’s rock ‘n’ motherfuckin’ roll! […]

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Metal Over Malta III – Review

Watching your favorite bands and discovering new talent performing their craft, making new acquaintances among the fan base, sharing stories and keeping some mementos. All in all having a great time whilst taking a break from the same rut you’re […]

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