Blind Saviour – The Master Plan (2016)

If I sit here and say that I’m a huge power metal fan I would lie, as a matter of fact I only listen to it on rare occasions, but the beauty behind being an enthusiast of music itself is the ability to explore diverse genres, not just metal as a whole but music in general. I’ve always been a firm believer of expanding horizons, only then self improvement is achievable.

This album gave me an opportunity in diving myself into ”something outside my norm”, which makes my thoughts even more challenging and unbiased.

Here comes Blind Saviour, one of the newer projects in the local scene initiated by a more than capable and dynamic brotherhood. Hitting the stage at Xtreme Metal Assault 2014 (to mention that such festival is a perfect example of what I said above, in terms of having a lot of genres playing in one event). The first thing that caught my attention back then was the exceptional dual guitars, complemented with more than celestial female vocals, which kept proliferating in future occasions.

The moment I found out that the band was about to release this album, I was more than curious in listening to their material ”studio wise”, and admittedly had no problem in eventually obtaining the hard copy itself, let alone being produced by a local band but rather for the fact that anytime I’ve seen them on stage I found their work quite compelling.

The concept of ”The Master Plan” is loosely based on a post-apocalyptic world, which gives an even more dramatic feel to the whole album itself, unlike the usual power metal bands that I’ve listened. Opening with the instrumental ”Beyond The Portals Of The Four Winds”, this album invites you to sit down, fasten your seat-belts and be ready for a journey full of thrilling and melodic guitar work, add the aforementioned astral vocals, lively and ever present drums and bass lines, keyboards to make it even more imperative, vivid narrations and there you have it, a concoction of indeed some power-ful music (no pun intended)

Indeed a fascinating album is ”The Master Plan”, developed by a band with huge potential that deserves quite the credit, with people involved that are more than proficient in their respective duties. The tracks are thoroughly structured, ranging from the bombastic and upbeat tracks such as ”Reign of The Robotic Clans” ”Warrior Of Fire” and ”Freedom Call”, to slower but yet ariose tracks such as ”Dawn Of Victory” ”The Day After” and the 12 minute colossus of a closing that is ”Revolution”.

Impressive to say the least. For someone who’s not into power metal that much such as myself but still found the whole thing gripping and captivating. Highly recommended to power metal fans. A huge thank you for the time and pleasure to each of and every one of you in signing the album for me, which allowed to be even more straight forward in finding the exact words and animated in listening to your work. See you in future endeavors and keep them coming.

Music enthusiast & coffee addict. Although never involved in bands or local promotions, Alan always wanted to contribute and further expanding the genre he adores most. Listening to countless albums and engaging in conversations with local musicians, what better way to express feelings and insights than the art of writing?